Ben // Portland, OR

Liz and I have been talking a lot about how the sexism / equality conversation gets focused on women most often.  Women need more rights.  Women need to be treated with respect.  Women deserve this or that opportunity.  Etc.

What about men?  What about the culture they were brought up in?  What about the role models they looked up to, and the traits that were perceived to bring them social capital?

It’s not a healthy dialogue to look at men and just say “change!”  We have to recognize that we are products of a culture just as much as women…while our consequences and outcomes have lead us in different directions.

I’ve heard multiple speakers / thinkers now basically say if we want to change sexism / violence against women / sex trafficking etc it is going to have to start with boys.  How are we teaching them?  What are they seeing as masculine, or what it means to be a man?

I don’t want to believe that culture has gone to far to bring it back…but maybe that’s the case.  I do know that getting behind a movement to changes the way men see and are seen as men and understand their role in women’s lives would be a hugely worthy cause.  We all have women in our lives we care about today, and Lord knows if I have girls I’ll feel it 100 fold.


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