Pat // Columbia, MO

It’s all an interesting topic. To me it is in the same vein as racial, sexual or any type of discrimination of a person that you just do not agree with. It is a topic that does not get discussed very often and when it is brought up by a woman it often comes with a negative stigma.

I’m lucky enough that I get to work on a large college campus. I get to see these issues talked about quite a bit and see people change. Much as I’m sure all of us have had our views on race, gender and sexual issues change over the years I get to see students have that experience as they are exposed to ideas that they had never heard before.

What I liked about #YesAllWomen from what I read was that it wasn’t about “Men are bad” but more about “These are actual things we deal with.” Now how do you change the way people think? How does a woman develop the confidence to not be nervous when she is on an elevator with two men alone when their are way too many stories that show she should be. I’ve been asked about safety on campus 1,000 times and I would be willing to say that 0% of them were from parents of men. It is an issues that will always be dealt with.

I feel our role is to change how we as men think. In the video she talks a lot about the entitlement men feel and I agree that is one of the biggest problems. It blows my mind that a man would act out against someone because they didn’t give them something that they wanted. It also blows my mind that people hate others because of color of their skin.

I think the best course of action is to talk about it. People have to have uncomfortable conversations to know what is going on and to learn that what they think is a normal action is actually making people feel unsafe.

Pat // Columbia, MO

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